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from Bridget Brecheen Captivating!

Dr Coscia~ I was facinated by the photographs hanging up at your office. I could not stop looking at them. I saw one of your business cards for photography and picked it up so that I could look at your website. Thank you for sharing your passion with us! I enjoyed looking thru all of your albums. I am merely an amature photographer, but I love to capture moments as well. I think what originally drew me in to your photos at your office was I could picture myself "there", and was thinking to myself," I would have take that photo too!" God has given us so many beautiful things to see and enjoy and he has blessed you with a talent to capture it. Previous Response:
from Chip Coscia
on September 26, 2012

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy you like my images. I have enjoyed making them. If you have any questions please contact me at


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