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Question   Passion for Photography
Dr. Coscia, it's always wonderful to meet another person who shares the love of photography! Your pictures are just awesome and amazing! Photography is absolutely a world where one can create and capture any moment in time. Imagination has no boundaries, therefore, an endless amount of artistic moments to capture. You certainly do a superb job and I enjoy your works of creation over and over! Keep up your creative masterpieces and thanks so much for sharing with others! And I am waiting for that first book of your pictures to purchase!

- Debby Murphy September 02, 2013

  Answer Debbie,

Thank you for your compliments. If you have a website, please send the address. I will try to put more effort into publishing a book.

Happy Labor Day!


- Chip Coscia  September 02, 2013

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Question   Captivating!
Dr Coscia~ I was facinated by the photographs hanging up at your office. I could not stop looking at them. I saw one of your business cards for photography and picked it up so that I could look at your website. Thank you for sharing your passion with us! I enjoyed looking thru all of your albums. I am merely an amature photographer, but I love to capture moments as well. I think what originally drew me in to your photos at your office was I could picture myself "there", and was thinking to myself," I would have take that photo too!" God has given us so many beautiful things to see and enjoy and he has blessed you with a talent to capture it.

- Bridget Brecheen September 16, 2012

  Answer Bridget,

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy you like my images. I have enjoyed making them. If you have any questions please contact me at ccp@suddenlink.net.


- Chip Coscia  September 26, 2012

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Question   Leaning into the blades
Nothing changes, yet everything changes, but you were always there, Chip. Why am I not surprised?

We never talked about this, also why, sharing this love for nature, and beauty, but we did . . .

- Carol (Lorac) January 27, 2009

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Question   Great Photographer
Not only are you a great photographer but a great person. Someone who truely cares about people. Thanks for getting me started in a hobby that is teaching me to look at things in a different light.

- Butch Noble December 29, 2008

  Answer Butch,

Thank you for your kind remarks. It makes me happy to know that someone else has come to know for themselves some of the joy there is in photography.

Go toward the light.


- Chip Coscia  December 30, 2008

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Question   Applaud you for your talent
Chip Coscia,
You have certainly made the right decision to make this career move. I am very impressed by your artist ability with your work. I have almost attended one of those PhotoShop workshops myself, if I had I wonder what direction I would have turned? I was your first patient today at the Comprehesive Breast Center today. I have been in Commercial Art and Advertising all of my life. I applaud you for your talent.

-  December 21, 2006

  Answer Lisa,

Thank you very much! I'm filled with excitement and anxiety as I begin this next year. We've heard so often: "Follow your heart." I plan to do that. We'll see where takes me.

Best wishes in your new career, too. And Merry Christmas.

- Chip Coscia  December 21, 2006

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